Sometimes I wish that they could see,

Sometimes I wish they were not blind,

Sometimes I wish that I could prove,

That I’m so much more that they could ever dream,

or be, or fear.


I wish I could strike them with the worst of all curses,

Just to show that I am able,

Just to show that I am worth,

of all that respect and admiration, but most of all that love I didn’t get to experience.


But sometimes I also always realise that I don’t need all of that,

That some of all those know I’m worth of everything they’ve given me

That I am enough as I am.


And when you experience your sometimes you should remember:

The ones who appreciate you the most, are usually the ones who show it,

Not the ones who say it.

All we have to do is recognize those people and spend our time with them,

Maybe even learn from them.