A non-philosopher’s philosophical thoughts

The Questions:

what is our soul?

where is it?

is it somewhere?

how come it is different for every individual person?


The Non-Philosophers Answers:

If our soul truly is a thing, how come we don’t know what it is?

How come, we can ever just think of it as something that is nothing?

How come, we believe people, who say it is in our heart or brain?

Maybe because we all know our brain might recognize emotions and our heart might beat faster or slower because of them, but we still don’t know where they come from, why they’re there?

What is a soul, truly? Where does it live, why is it even there?

Let me tell you the answer to this secret:

there is no answer. Or there might be. It also can never be right, whatever it is, but it also can never be wrong. You will ask yourself why? Because everyone views their soul differently. It can be anything.

This is a good opportunity to challenge teachers to ask their students what a soul is for them. Because, as I said, we might get very different answers. It also could be something for every age category. If teachers read this article and accept the challenge, I can guarantee that it’ll be a very interesting lesson, because all of you can choose the way their opinion should be represented.

Have fun if you choose to accept the challenge of a non-philosopher’s philosophical mind.