How to reinvent yourself even if it’s not January 1st

I have been a teenager for more than two years already and I can say with certainty that this transition, which we call „puberty”, struck me in the true sense of the word. The changes began to occur, and each was more difficult than the other. The physical and mental changes were the most challenging steps to climb, being greatly influenced by the people around me. Therefore, if you are in a situation of crossroads, insecurity, alienation, I want you to take this article as a possible help from a  teenager to another teenager.


These are some suggestions that I recommend you start putting into practice, tested by me, which I find very useful:

1. See yourself outside yourself.

Imagine you are a sculptor. A sculptor looks at his or her piece of stone and endlessly questions new ways to shape it. And if he or she thinks of something to change, there is no emotional attachment. They just do it. This is how you need to see yourself — as a work of art, always in progress. No need to get upset, or come down hard on yourself when you see something you do not like. Instead, like an artist, just get to work.

2. Clear Out Your Physical Clutter.

Want to reinvent yourself? Get rid of anything that you no longer like, use or need. Clutter is just things that aren’t the best of you so why keep it around? To complicate your life any longer than you have to? By donating, selling and recycling your old stuff, you’ll actually be able to find the real YOU. When you declutter properly, what you’re left with is the best possible version of yourself. It’s really motivating to live every day surrounded by the best of who you are right now.

3. Clear Out Your Emotional Clutter.

It’s easier to deal with physical clutter because you can see it. Emotional clutter is much more challenging because it’s affecting the way you think and do everything. Yet often, you’re not even aware of it at all. The way you start to conquer emotional clutter is by becoming aware of your actions and then see how you feel throughout the day. This means asking yourself a bunch of questions like:

  • How am I feeling?
  • Why do I feel this way?
  • Is there anything I can change for the better at this moment?

This will help you to become more aware of yourself, your actions, and your feelings. It will also help you to make small changes, to be and feel like a newer version of yourself.

4. Change Up Your Routine.

An easy way to get stuck is to have such a routine that you’re on autopilot all the time. Your life has become so systematized you don’t even need to think about it anymore. That’s when life has become boring and monotonous. You feel AND look stuck. While I’m all for systematizing the easy stuff, it doesn’t mean you can put it all on autopilot and never look at it again. Take a look at your life, and see what can be eliminated, changed, or added to help you reinvent the old you.



5. Make Yourself Uncomfortable.

People get stuck when they become too comfortable with their lives. We are meant to challenge ourselves! So try to do something each day that takes you slightly outside your comfort zone. It can be as simple as eating alone in a restaurant if you’re a naturally shy person, or finally wearing that piece of clothing despite the fact you know everyone is staring. Whatever it is, challenge yourself in some small way. You’ll find that you’ll start to feel more confident and that new opportunities will start to appear.

6. Get Up and Move.

Move something – whether it’s your body, mind and/or spirit, get something moving because you cannot resolve your issues with the same energy you created them with. Be open to new ideas and new ways of doing things. To get your mind moving, try reading a book, joining a meet-up, or start doing the thing you’ve been scared about. Get your body moving and the blood pumping by doing Pilates, running, or even taking up gardening. Whether you choose to move a little or a lot, moving anything will start to help you get unstuck and on your way to reinventing the way you show up in your own life.

7. Take It Slow.

When we get stuck, we really want to become unstuck as quickly as possible. What we don’t realize is that sometimes, we get stuck for a reason. When we take the time to look at our lives and how we feel about what’s currently going on, it gives us the ability to make small changes that can often have huge, lasting results. You also don’t need to make dramatic adjustments in order to discover a better you. Often making small, slow differences is the best way to become a new, better version of yourself that is easy for you to maintain. This means you’ve taken the time to really become a better version – rather than simply acting it out.

Reinvention is an art.

It is a process.

It is not a “quick fix” or an “overnight solution.”

It is a deliberate practice, day and night, until you realize who it is you want to be, or who you already were all along.