What does your McDonald’s order say about you?

When we meet a new person, whether we like to admit it or not, we check everything about them with the help of astrology charts. Well, I want to tell you that there is a much more realistic and efficient way to find out everything you want to know about someone. That is: through their McDonald’s order.

In addition, you can now say things like “I told you about them, they’re a McChicken!” thanks to this helpful list. “Are you aware that a romantic relationship between a Big Mac and a McDouble is doomed from the beginning?”



This is the gentleman of the McDonald’s franchise. You probably always keep the door open for strangers and offer to toss the bag away, so it doesn’t wind up on a random pavement in front of a Mega Image. You’re classic and always consistent. You aren’t afraid of any exams and your friends undoubtedly always contact you when they need someone to pick them up.



The McChicken comes in a variety of shapes and forms: snappy or crispy, spicy or plain,  depending on the day. Even though it may feel like playing it safe, it’s never been a disappointment. You are a funny and open person, but with a more reserved nature and occasionally quite judgmental. When you’re feeling adventurous, you usually just change your normal coke to a diet.



You actually know how to enjoy the little things, even if those little things may only contain 4% of what resembles an actual chicken. You regard yourself as different than others because you order something other than a burger, when in fact you are just very predictable. You probably spend hours on Pinterest perfecting your boards and you love to drink 5 To Go coffee in the morning despite the hell of a queue. You refuse to eat the nuggets unless you add a large portion of fries and sweet and sour sauce.



What are you trying to prove? No one is looking; no one cares. You’re that one person who tries to convince themself of the idea that places like Subway are fresh. Oftentimes, you try to persuade your friends to go somewhere other than McDonald’s, but no one listens to you, so you decide to buy the most “healthy” thing on the menu. You are a stubborn person and you clearly have no taste (in any and all areas).



Initially, you might have the impression that a cheeseburger is too simple or too boring, when in fact it is full of flavor. You are that type of person who always chooses to walk instead of taking the bus. You always take others into consideration and feel that the world would be a better place if we were surrounded by animals. You love autumn for some undefinable reason and, if you could, you would clearly choose a relaxed outing in the city over something fancy.

Here, we have a  difficult decision when it comes to dessert. There are two rather promising options…

On the one hand, we have the classic McFlurry, which is, of course, served in its best form: with chocolate topping and Kit Kat bits. You are full of life and have a sense of humor that is hard to understand. Still, we have to admit: it’s the best kind of humor. You tell yourself that you are spontaneous, even though everybody knows that you plan absolutely everything ahead of time. More often than not, you lean towards two fashion extremes: you either dress in monochromatic palettes, or you combine your entire wardrobe and cross your fingers in the hope of a successful outfit.

On the other hand, we have a warm pie, crispy on the outside and creamy on the inside. In this case, the taste is debatable, but everyone who chooses the apple pie is lying to themselves: the cherry pie is clearly superior. You are that friend who always sets the trend. Between the sun and the moon, you’ve always loved the stars. 

Taking all this “constructive” criticism into account, who am I to judge?  At the end of the day, order whatever makes your McDonald’s loving heart happy and your belly full.