What Your Top Artist On Spotify Wrapped 2022 Says About You

They say you can best get to know a person by seeing what kind of friends they have. We at Țaitung actually think the best way to find out more about a person is through the artist they listen to. There’s no better way to judge a person than through their playlists and since everybody’s Spotify Wrapped just came out, we thought it was the perfect time to tell you what your top artist of 2022 says about you. 

So be prepared to get called out 😉



If Måneskin is your top artist, you undoubtedly have good taste. 

You’re probably the “black cat” friend, you value coffee over people and you are NOT a morning person. 

You can be harsh at times but for good reason and you have a dark, maybe even a bit childish sense of humor. Lots of “your mom” and “that’s what she said” jokes. 

Oh and we forgot to mention: you’re cool;).


Taylor Swift

 If your top artist of 2022 is Taylor Swift, you are ready to take down the patriarchy and your favorite season probably is fall. 

You most certainly know all the lyrics to Antihero and All too Well by heart and have a personal vendetta against Jake Gyllenhaal. 

You like cinnamon and cats and you might have had a “horse girl/boy” phase. 

Aesthetic-wise, light academia and dark cottage core probably describe you best. 

You are the whimsy but nostalgic type of friend. 

We can only applaud your dedication.



Rammstein being your most listened-to artist says more about you than you think. 

You are a dedicated fan that lives for good live performances and energy drinks. 

Zeit was probably in your top songs. 

You love music with dark, deeper meanings and a unique sound that you can recognize anywhere. 

You probably enjoy listening to music as an activity, without doing much else meanwhile. 

You’re the friend with a cynical sense of humor and we are here for it!


Harry Styles

If the iconic Harry Styles is your top artist, you probably start off your mornings with Music for a Sushi Restaurant

You most likely are an extrovert that’s in touch with their emotional side. 

It’s safe to guess that you’re the “golden retriever” friend and may have been (or still are) a “Directioner”. u

You’re overall an emotional ball of sunshine and we love you for that!




The legend that is Slim Shady being your top artist tells us that you have a lot of personality and a whole lot of attitude. 

You’re either observant and only speak up when it matters or you voice your opinion loud and proud and don’t care about what others think. 

You like to goof around and are probably the jokester of your friend group. 

You also love to diss tracks and most likely really like soda, especially Sprite. 

You give off a  strong and confident vibe and we live for that!


Pink Floyd

If Pink Floyd is your top Spotify Wrapped artist, you are probably really into crystals. 

Your love for psychedelic shows in your everyday life, as you probably like to buy really quirky little things that you don’t really need. 

You’re definitely a fan of vinyl and most likely enjoy taking walks and admiring nature. 

You’re definitely a fan of vintage fashion and jewelry and are the fashionista of your friend group. 

You can be introverted but once you warm up to people you become an open book. 

You are really creative and we love that about you!


Phoebe Bridgers

First of all, we want to ask you…are you okay? 

Phoebe Bridgers is your top artist of the year and all…

We’re joking! 

You probably are deeply sensible and in touch with your emotions. 

Oat milk lattes ( or any kind of milk substitute) are your jam and you love to sleep. 

You’re most definitely a night owl and have a very reflective spirit. 

You also probably love art galleries and museums and could spend hours looking at various forms of art. 

You’re that one cozy friend that everyone trusts and has deep talks with. 

Everybody needs a friend like you…even we do!


The Weeknd

If The Weeknd is your top artist of 2022, let us congratulate you, everybody wants to be friends with you! 

Your favorite drink is probably coke and you’re most likely an extrovert. 

Your favorite book as a kid was probably some edition of “Diary of a wimpy kid” and, if you were a color, you would be the color red. 

You’re that one person everyone wants to go out with and you are definitely the life of every party. 

You also always get shotgun on a road trip because your music taste fits the vibe perfectly, and honestly, we would love to be in that car!



If Nirvana is the artist you listened to most in 2022, you know what’s up. 

You’re probably an introvert that really likes black coffee and your favorite time of day is the afternoon. 

Graphic Tees and Converse are all you wear and you probably play an instrument. 

You’re also most likely a foodie and you live off of french fries with your dip of choice. 

You’re the chill friend that doesn’t get into drama, a must-have in any friend group!


Conan Gray

Assuming the Nirvana fans were the drama-free friend, you are the opposite if Conan Gray was your top artist of 2022. 

You most certainly like theatre or even musical theatre. 

You’re probably a hopeless romantic that loves sunsets and hot chocolate with a bit of caramel on top. 

You also most likely love rain and a cozy blanket. 

Knowing everything about everyone, even the rumors that are the hardest to tell makes you a valuable asset to any friend group.

You probably love a good true crime podcast. 

Being able to read people really well is your defining trait and that makes you an expert in other people’s business. 

You don’t only enjoy listening to drama, YOU ARE the drama and we are all about it!

Now that you know what your Spotify Wrapped 2022 says about you, you can judge your friends about their music taste and use this article as an excuse. 

We hope you could relate to a description at least on some level and assure you, your music taste is elite 😉